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--The Wordss of today--


Be careful to follow every command  I

am giving you today , so that you may

live and increase and may enter and pos-

sess the laand that the LORD promised on

oath to  your  forefathers.  Remember  how

the LORD your God led you all the way in

the desert these forty years, to humble you

and  to test you in order to know what was

in your heart, whether or not you would

keep his commands. He humbled you ,

causing you to hunger and then feeding

you with manna, which neither you nor

your fathers had known, to teach you that

man does not live on bread alone but on

every word that comes from the mouth of

the LORD.


1 SAMUEL 17:32-37

---The  Words of  today---


  David  said  to  Saul,  "Let no  one  lose 

heart  on  account  of  this  Philistine;  your

servant  will  go  and  fight  him."

  Saul  replied,   "You  are  not  able  to  go

out  against  this  Philistine  and  fight  him;

you  are  only  a  boy,  and  he  has  been  a

fighting  man  from  his  youth."

  But  David  said  to  Saul,  "Your  servant

has  been  keeping  his  father's  sheep.  When

a  lion  or  a  bear  came  and  carried  off  a

sheep  from  the  flock,  I  went  after  it,

struck  it  and  rescued  the  sheep  from  its

mouth.  When  I  turned  on  me,  I  seized  it

by  its  hair,  struck  it  and  killed  it.  Your

servant  has  killed  both  the  lion  and  the

bear,  this  uncircumcised  Philistine  will  be

like  one  of  them,  because  he  has  defied  the

armies  of  the  living  God.  The  LORD  who

delivered  me  from  the  paw  of  the  lion  and

the  paw  of  the  bear  will  deliver  me  from

the  hand  of  the  Philistine."

  Saul  said  to  David,  "Go,  and  the  LORD  be

with  you."


It is very hot


It's  10:30 P.M.

I  have  been to  Boxing  exercise  gymnasium.

My  friend  GopSil  is sleeping  and getting up to  feel  my  coming  back.

It's  very  hot.

I  have  my  shower  for  a  short  time.

I  am  junior now.

I  am  studying hard for  the  public  coporation entrance exam.

First  of  all, English is  the  most  important  one  of   all  the  subject.

During  my  junior,  I  should  prepare  for  the  exam.

There  will  be  no  leisure  for  me  to  make  preparation  in  advance  the  exam  on  my  senior.


1.  Make  hay  while  the  sun  is  hot.

2.  Strike  the  iron while  it  is  hot. 

To  succeed  in  my  life,  I  should  go  on  my  studying,

and  then I  can win the  first  prize.



I like sugar-melon.

I  like  sugar-melon  very  much.

I  can  eat  a  half  of  it  at  once.

Yesterday,  I  went  to  cinema  with  a  friend  of  mine.

A  little  later,  my  grandma  called  me  up  and  she asked  to  me, " Where  are  you?"

I  answered  to  her,  "I  am  at  cinema  with  my  friend."

"Back  home  early  in  the  evening."

"I  will  go  home  soon."

I  came  back  to  my  home.

It  was  11:30  P.M.

I  was  thirsty  and  I  opened  the  door  of  the  refrigerator  near  the  kitchen.

To  my  surprise,  there  was  a  big  sugar-melon.

It  was  as  big  as  the  head  of  my  father.

I  took  it  out  from  the  refrigerator  and  I  ate  it  with  a spoon.

It  was  cool  and  sweet.

I  wasn't  not  hungry  as  well  as  thirsty.

In the  summer, the  sugar-melon  is  the most  delicious  fruit  for  me. 




My GopSil




It  showered  for  a  short  time  and  It  was  stopped.

 It  was  very hot  in the  afternoon.

The  day  before  yesterday,  my  pet  GopSil  had  his  all  hair  cut.

When  I  took  him  to  the  pet  house,  he  hesitated.

After  I  entrusted  him  to  the  pet  house,  I  went  to  my  boxing gymnasium.

I  had  trained boxing  exercise  for  myself  for  two  hours  and  I went  to  bring  him  from  the  pet  house.

When  I  arrived  in  the  pet  house,  it  was  weeping  by  himself  into  his  cage.

That  place  was  dark.

He  seemed  to  be  poor.

I  abruptly  took  him  out  from  the  cage.

His  all  hair  was  cut  and  he  was  bare.

The  colour  of  him  was  a  little  pink.

I  hugged  him  into  my  bosom  and  I  consoled  him  with  my  hand.

A   little  later,  He  recovered  himself.

I  returned  to  my  home  with  him  hugged  into  my  bosom.

I  took  his  picture  which  I  can  upload  it  to. 



Summer Vacation

At  last.

Summer  vacation.

It  began  from  20, June.

I  made up my  mind  going to  a boxing  gymnasium  near  my house.

To my surprise, It  takes  a  hundred thousand won  per  a month  to  learn  boxing.

Yesterday, I  met  my friends  from  10  a.m.  to  2  p.m.

I  also  had  boxing  exercise  in the  gymnasium  hall  from  3 p.m.

I  had  finished  it  two  hours  later  and  I  returned to   my  home.

My pet  GopSil  welcomed to  me.

It  was  very  hot  and  I went  into  the restroom  for  my  shower.

Throughout  this  vacation,, I  am going to  study  english and I want to be a good english speaker.

I  am also preparing for the TOEIC exam.

I  will  never  fail  to  get  over  900  point  in  the  exam.

After the graduation  of  my  university,  I  am  going  to  have   the  public  corporation  

entrance  exam  thanks  to  much  money  of  the  salary.

I  will  make  a  lot  of  money  and  I  will  make  my  grandma  happy.

She  is  the  last  woman  that  I  look  upon  to.

I  like  my  father  because  he  is  honest.

But my  father  smells  a  little  damp  and  bad  around  him.

He  doesen't  like  to  wash  his  body  with  water.

Several  years  ago,  he  often washed  his  body.

He  drank  much  and  he  would  not  wash  his  body.

Nowadays  he  doesen't  drink  any  more,  but  he  will  not  wash.

Does  he  catch  a  serious  illness?????????????????????



To late night, from late morning.

I am always sleeping  at late night and I am getting up lately in the following morning.

My GopSil is barking loudly in the morning, but I  am glancing at him  and falling asleep again.

My grandmother are shouting out to me loudly, "Get up!", but I am still sleepy.

My father gets up early in the morning as my grandmother does.

I go to my university from monday to tuesday, and I am at home from friday to sunday.

I go to church on every sunday.

My grandmother scolds me, but my father is always in favor of me.

My father likes me very much.

From my childhood, he likes me.

I don't like him because he smokes out  over a pack of cigarette a day.

He doesn't drink any alcohol after he suffered from pancreatitis.

I hope that my father as well as my grandmother  lives  a long life.

They are kind to me.

They likes me very much.

I like them, too.


My architecture report

Our  professor asked us to report an architecture drawings three days ago.

From the day before yesterday, I had to prepare it.

Yesterday, I should draw my report all night.

 I went to my university with my usb  the next morning.

 I ordered the host of a shop in front of my university to print it

and I reported it to my professor.

And then, he asked me to draw it pretty well and report it again.

Oh, I am fatigued, but I have drawn it.

Tomorrow, I will report it to my professor.

 He will be satisfied with it as  I did my best.


The anniversary day for the dead in favor of our country.

It is the day that  we should be memorial for the dead in favor of our country

 My father rests at home, too.

I got up at nine A.M. after my grandma had prepared for our breakfast.

I am only to go to my university everyday except the vacations and holidays.

One day, my grandma scolded me for those reasons.

I am often out and I meet my friends.

I have not meals in my house, but I do  them with my friends.

It is not because the food in my house is not delicious but because I am sorry not to help my grandma .

At any rate, today, I am at home all day, we should be memorial for the dead  in favor of  our country.





I came back near my house from my university in GyeongSan city.

I meet my friends.   

They are familiar with me from my high school. 

My grandmother rings me on and she asks me where I am.

I answer to her that I am near my house.

I finished my class a few times ago.

My university is about a time far by bus from my house.

I meet my friends and we go to library.

I often have a dinner with them.

They are kind and pretty.

There is no friend in my house.

My grandmother is eighty-seven years old and my father is fifty-four years old.

There is my pet GopSil in my house.

At first, I liked it, but it eats very much.

It is very intelligent and pretty.

It eats all that we do.

It goes on eating.

Perhaps, It doesn't feel hungry or not hungry.

Nowadays, I only like  it a littlle. 

It likes my grandmother more than me.

It is four years old.

May be??, is it a baby?


Summer Vacation

We are  to enjoy summer vacation soon.

I am going to stay my home.

I will go  to chruch near my house every sunday. 

I want to study HTML5,  JAVASCRIPT, ASP, AND C++, too.

I can write my homepage with EXCEL, but it's too simple.

i am already twenty-six year old girl.

I have many friends in DaeGu.

We are joyful all around DaeGu city.

I don't want to say a goodbye to them.

I want to be with them, forever.

I think that I have not much time.

In spite of that, there are too many things for me to do.


My teacher in high school occupied my area.

The teacher of my father in their high school  whose name would not be reavealed for his good fame

occupied a site of my father's.

The teacher graduated from YeongNam university in DaeGu, South Korea.

My father said that  he was always good for schoolboys.

When my father winned the first prizre on the Itemple exam first year in his high school,

he said that my father could go to Korea University.

 Ny father missed at the ridiculous words because my father planed to go to Seoul University.

My father gave up his study because he was disappointed at his words.

But my father went on studying at home by himself.

After all,  my father went to DongGuk University  in GyeongJu in 1982.

My father passed the GyeongBuk local goverment serviceman exam on 1993.

My father used to consider on his foolish days and he should repent it.

The teacher was very good one and  he meant to lead my father right.

My father had misunderstood him.

The teacher conquered  my father's site because he still worried about my father as a teacher

 in a high school  in 1980.




Sun, Moon, and Stars

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Showers and splashing<br><br>

대지를 홋 때리는 소낙비,<br><br>

Fingertips and photographs<br><br>

손가락 걸며 맹세한 약속,<br><br>

Missing days long gone<br><br>

가슴에 사무친 지 오래이다.<br><br><br><br>


Gray clouds and Sunkist<br><br>

여너개의 잿빛 뭉게구름 썬키스트,<br><br>

Sipping on past-summer times <br><br>

지난 날의 여름을 홀짝이며,<br><br>

Reveling in Rain <br><br>

우중의 향연을 펼쳐본다.<br><br><br><br>


Next to the window <br><br>

창문 옆에서,<br><br>

Staring at the outside world <br><br>

소낙비 내리는 바깥을 보노라면,<br><br>

Wanting to go back<br><br>

돌아가고 싶은 마음 저며온다.<br><br><br><br>


Cool air seeping in<br><br>

서늘한 바람이 창문틈으로 불어오고,<br><br>

Tears in the palm of my hand <br><br>

손바닥에 떨구는 눈물방울,<br><br>

Nostalgic smile; alone<br><br>

외로이 향수를 머금는다.
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